I will begin with a disclaimer...this is based on an opinion and studies done by the author behind an article at Yahoo Travel. If by chance anything seems a little off-key, put the blame on them. However, if you see anything here that is either curious or even hilarious, then we will take the credit.

Yahoo asked residents from all over the nation to share a unique slang term from their state. Here's a few:

Alaska: "sourdough", a person who has lived in their state for a long time.

Connecticut: "tag sale", instead of a garage sale.

Georgia: "that dog won't hunt", something is wrong here.

Indiana: "hoosier", redneck.

Iowa: "snuggies," a wedige.

Maryland: "chicken necker", a crab-catching tourist.

Nevada: "pornslappers", Vegas visitors who try to slap a credit card on the table for strippers.

North Carolina: "buggy", shopping cart.

Rhode Island: "hot wiener," hot dog.

South Dakota: "hotdish", a casserole.

And in Wyoming: Someone who “looks like 10 miles of dirt road” is more than a little disheveled.