It’s the most wonderful time of the year, it’s shark Week!   I’m a firm believer in the saying “live every week like it’s Shark Week”  so when it really is Shark Week, there’s really no excuse to not celebrate. And what a better way to celebrate Shark Week than to know 10 completely awesome shark facts that you can use to bust out some knowledge on your friends.


Shark week starts today on the Discovery Channel and runs through next weekend.  For a full rundown and to see some episodes from Shark Week be sure to check out the Discovery Channels website.  If you don't know much about these beasts of the deep it's time you sit down and learn.  I personally think sharks are cool creatures, who are really just misunderstood guys with sharp teeth.  Sure they eat the occasional human, but we all have our downfalls.

Check out these 10 cool facts about sharks so this week you can throw down some serious knowledge at the bar, or just at the family dinner table (Anywhere really, shark facts are appropriate for every situation).

So here it is your shark facts!

1. The jaws of bigger sharks are about twice as powerful as the jaws of a lion.

2. A shark’s skeleton is made of rubbery cartilage, like the tip of our noses.

3. The smallest species in the shark kingdom is the dwarf shark, which averages at 4 inches long. Now this is definitely the kind of shark I wouldn't mind running into at the beach.

4. Like many mammals, including humans, sharks have a large heart with four separate chambers!

5. A shark attack on a human usually occurs in less than 6 feet 6 inches of calm water, and within a relatively short distance from shore.

6. Sharks can be fussy eaters. Sometimes they will take a bite out of their prey or just sink their teeth in to get a taste before they start really feeding. If they don’t like the taste, they spit it out and move on. I'm not too sure about you, but if I was the "prey" in this situation I don't think I would be too offended if the shark thought I tasted funny and spit me out.

7. Blue Sharks are the fastest sharks, reaching speeds of 43 mph, but only in short bursts. Their normal speed is 7 mph. Well we know what kind of shark I definitely don't want to meet at the beach.

8. Sharks do not chew their food, they swallow it whole. If its too big, they tear it into chunks. In other words, the "chew your food 21 times" rule does not apply to sharks.

9. Bull Sharks are often captured for display in aquariums, as this is one of the few species of shark that survives well in captivity.

10. Pigs kill more people every year than sharks do. This makes me feel slightly less bad about enjoying bacon.

So there you have it 10-facts about the misunderstood dudes of the deep!

Enjoy your Shark Week!