I remember exactly where I was and exactly what I was doing 25 years ago today. I was 12 years old visiting family in Chicago for the weekend. It was a great big family reunion and this particular day, I was at my uncle's house watching this fight on HBO. I'll never forget it because my uncle was manning the grill outside. I had told him the fight was about to start.  He said he'd be in in a minute. 91 seconds later the fight was over. My uncle was so mad (see also P.O.). He had spent roughly around $50 for the pay-for-view which didn't last 2 minutes.

At the time of the fight (June 27th, 1988) both Spinks and Tyson were undefeated and the buzz was that Spinks was the only person Tyson had faced who may have actually given him a challenge. The match was billed as "Once and for All". It was highly anticipated and earned comparisons with the 1971 Fight of the Century between Joe Frazier and Muhammad Ali, who were also undefeated heavyweight champions when they met to decide the undisputed title. 91 seconds into the first round of the match... history was made.

*The video is the entire fight including the intros. So if you want to skip to the actual fighting, the bell "dings" at the 5:55 mark. Don't blink... you'll miss something.*