I'm only 23, but now that I've been in college a few years (a few too many if you ask me!) I've come to find some people my age doing things that they shouldn't do after high school.  So here you have it a college students guide to 5 things you're probably too old for (It's okay, I'm too old for them too)!

You're never too old for shenanigans with friends (Melissa Awesome/KISS FM)

[/caption]1) "LMS"

If you're still on Facebook and caring about people liking your status, then you should probably start worrying more about your direction in real life, and less about your online life,.  Also if you're posting "Like my status and I'll tell you something I like about you" or any variation of that, you may want to shut down to computer and take a walk or something...anything actually.

2) Text-Fighting

Seriously, just man up (or woman up!) and call the person or speak to them Face to face.  If you can't even talk through an argument on the phone how are you ever going to get anywhere with a job.

3) Macaroni and Cheese

Just kidding, you're never too old for macaroni and cheese.  Especially Velveeta shells and cheese, delicious and unhealthy count me in!

4) Posting Every Aspect of Your Relationship on Facebook

It's one thing to post that you're in a relationship on Facebook, it's another thing to post all about it.  if you're in a fight leave it between you two, and don't let the whole Facebook world in.  Also if you're still celebrating your "anniversary" every month....just don't.  Yearly is cool, but no one cares to see an update each month.  We get it, you've been together for 37 months, I really don't feel like doing the math to figure out how long that's actually been.

5) Birthday Weeks

Your birthday is singular, it is ONE day not a whole week.  Having one day and time for friends to get together to get drinks or do dinner is totally cool, but to expect everyone to show up to 5 different events is a bit excessive.  Everyone has a birthday, you're not the only one.