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We couldn't be happier for Adele! The '21' singer announced her pregnancy today (June 29), and the pop universe is as reverent and overjoyed for her as they were when she took home six Grammys. Adele and boyfriend Simon Konecki accepted well wishes from fans — including fellow Brit superstar and mum herself, Lily Allen. Now where are our shower invitations, and will they be pink or blue?


Wow. Adeles preggers ! Congratumalations to her and Simon !


adele’s pregnant, I wonder if it was planned or if it just turned up out of the blue uninvited


That awkward moment when you realize there's a baby “Rolling in the Deep” of Adele's… uterus.


I honestly hope nothing tragic happens to Adele during her pregnancy but could you imagine how good those songs would be?


Can't wait to see Adele's little baby, and hear the lovely CD that she will no doubt write about it


Adele, I love you and all, but I will stop listening to your music if you write a song about the pains of child birth.


I'm happy for Adele but I'm secretly hoping her postpartum depression will be so bad she ends up making a baby AND a new album!


Adele is pregnant. She has a loving boyfriend. Her life is perfect. HOW SELFISH OF HER WE WANT MORE MUSIC ABOUT HER HEARTACHE AND MISERY


Adele's baby will probably win a Grammy before @katyperry does.


Adele is pregnant. She'll be “rolling in the diapers.” [DROPS MIC. WALKS OFF.]