As I child, I was a fan of anything that "transformed" into anything else. Although, I'm pretty sure Robotech was the first official vehicle-to-robot type cartoon, it was Transformers that really did it for me. It was just so unique and unlike anything that was on television at the time (which was 1984, since I'm aging myself).

Shortly there after, Go-Bots came along and and other cartoons like M.A.S.K. wouls soon follow. But none could last the test of time like the Transformers. Maybe that's why even to this day, there are still copycats. .

I'm still not sure where my mother found these (or where I actually got them from at this point... hey, it was over 30 years ago), but I remember I had a few Alpha-Bots.

Alpha-Bots were (and still are as I found out they're still readily available) a pretty nifty semi-learning toy/tool. Each letter of the alphabet turns into an interesting little robot. No guns, cars, cassettes or violence, but still the cool 2-in-1 concept. I even remember playing with them giving each the special power of being able to conjure up anything that that begin with that letter.

Now that I know these are still around and exactly the way the were in my childhood, I think it's time I bought some to play with. Oops, I mean for my toddler to play with.