A new social media trend is stirring up discussion among parents and authorities. While venting frustrations and whistle-blowing are nothing new on the internet, waves of new groups on Facebook where the sole purpose is to anonymously reveal peoples most personal thoughts on a singled-out topic are causing some to be a bit worried.

"Now instead of consoling in person with a friend or family member about a problem at school, personal relationships, or work, people are now finding like-minded individuals to team up on a particular issue." said, an online free speech advocate. "The problem is, when you get so many people literally on the same page, it often times results in more drama than it's worth."

We've stumbled upon a few Facebook confession pages in previous weeks, and while some might be quite harmless due to the help of active administrators keeping a close on the words expressed, others tend to be downright cruel and insensitive. Most recently in Billings, MT the "West High Confessions" and "Senior High Confessions" have caused school administrators, teachers, parents and students alike to have reason to be very concerned. Instances of bullying and other verbally violent altercations are keeping most school authorities on high alert.

We want to hear from you. Do parents and school officials need to be concerned with this growing trend of Facebook confession pages? Would it be deemed, in some cases, cyber-bullying? Or is it simply an outlet for free speech? Sound off in the comments below.