About a month ago, a young man named Chris Dudgeon emailed us here at the KISS-FM studios and asked for our help in asking his girlfriend to the Kelly Walsh prom. We were more than happy to oblige and hooked Chris up with Casper's own No Goodaz. Together with singer Adam Jackson, Chris and the No Goodaz produced an original song asking Chris' girlfriend Belle to prom.

This is where we came in. Under the guise of Chris winning a prize through an on-air contest, we had Chris bring Belle to our studios to keep him company while he "claimed his prize." Then, after escorting them to our conference room (where there just happened to be a hidden camera set up) I left the two of them in the room alone while I went to "gather the necessary paperwork."... but not before I played the aforementioned video on the flatscreen monitor on the wall. Check out her reaction, then comment below and tell us what you think about Chris' prom invitation!