I was given the challenge of finding the best gift for $10 or less.  At first I wasn't finding anything too special or interesting, so I started to get a little discouraged.  Just as I was about to lower my standards, I struck gold.  Behold the official Lady Gaga Singing Toothbrush!

I know what you're thinking.  "What an amazing find!"  I can already picture the jealousy on all of your faces.  This toothbrush features two of Lady Gaga's biggest hits.  You can brush the morning breath away to "Born This Way" or get that bad relationship taste out of your mouth with "Bad Romance".  This toothbrush will keep the smile on your Poker Face sparkling.  $9.99 was all it took to turn my brushing dreams into a glorious reality.  Where can you purchase such an extravagant item you ask?  The Casper west side Walgreens granted me the opportunity to soar to the luxurious lifestyle of dental hygiene that I am now living.  Come up here and join me, won't you?

My fellow employees were also given the same challenge of finding the best gift under $10.  Check out what Rodeo RickTee Roy, and Brian Scott came up with.