The And 1 Mixtapes are legend for bringing the sport of street basketball (streetball) out of the ghettos and into the homes of many that didn't even know it existed. Since the first addition of the mixtapes, I have been a fan. They always had the new Hip-Hop music (new joints & remixes from up & coming artists to season veterans) and the best highlights of the streetball world.

And 1 Mixtape Volume 5 will forever stay in my memory as the first and only time I remember seeing a female on the court. She obviously had to be good to even make it on one of the teams, but the fellas showed her now love on the court and treated her exactly like any other player (no sex to discrimination on their courts). Pretty much after getting embarrassed on several highlights, she got revenge which will make her a streethoop legend forever! After first getting a steal, she then crossed-over the guy checking her... so nicely was the crossover executed that the gentleman actually fell down. You go girl!!!