You gotta love Springtime in Casper. Not the part where we’re the lead story on the Weather Channel digging out from the latest snowpocalypse – but the good part.  The part where things start to come alive. Birds get loud, grass gets green, we start to come out of hiding – and the change begins.

We’ve got our own changes going on here at KISS-FM – and we wanted you to be the first to know what’s going on.

Starting now, you’ll still hear the same people taking care of you during the day on 104.7 that you always do – just in a little different schedule.   Aaron’s staying put, and will continue to wake you up weekdays as usual. Nyke will be moving from his old night spot to 10-3, and being an old-school fiend, can’t wait to bring a whole new flavor to the Back In The Day Buffet at noon, in addition to seeing what it’s like to actually get to leave work when it’s still daylight outside.  Bristol will be moving to my old spot of 3-7 weekday afternoons, and is excited about being the first to bring some girl power to Casper’s Most Wanted, weeknights at 6.

Speaking of requests – we’re about to kick that up a notch.  If you haven’t been awake to catch Jelli, you’ve been missing out on our late evening experiment using the power of or the mobile app to become one of the first 100% listener-controlled radio stations in the country, where Casper chooses EVERY song that plays, and even bombs off the ones they really hate. (Yeah, we’ve all got ‘em. Even us.) Radio democracy is a beautiful thing!

We’re ready to take it from the late night lab to the next level – starting now, you’ll now have complete control of KISS-FM from 7pm ‘til midnight, five nights a week. And over the next couple of weeks, we’re going to be busy adding tons more choices to the playlist and a few other changes that will improve the Jelli experience and sound even better for those that play along – so make sure you’re letting us know about your favorites and giving us some feedback as we go. (And we’re working on a few other things that’ll make KISS-FM even more interactive  – there’s some stuff on the horizon that we can’t WAIT to tell you about, so keep listening.)

That leaves one change left – and it involves yours truly. Some of you may not be aware that in addition to being part of the on-air crew at KISS for the last decade or so, I also work behind the scenes as part of the team that manages it & our little family of wayward radio stations here in Casper (My Country 95.5, Rock 96.7, 107.9 The River, K2 Radio, and ESPN Radio).  Over the last few years, the radio family has grown – and I’ve started doing the same with our Cheyenne and Laramie stations as well.

The good: It’s a fun and challenging job – with lots of travel, great people in every single community, and I have officially become an expert on every Wyoming rest area, gas station, coffee shop, hotel, bar and restaurant between here and there, if you ever need a tour guide. The not-so-good: It has started to keep me a little too spread out and away from our Casper studio to continue doing a daily radio show, which already feels a little weird to think about stopping after all these years.

Change is good though, right?  I’ll still be bouncing around 104.7 and our other Casper stations, hosting some of our charity events, filling in from time to time as people go on vacation, catch the crud, forget to set alarm clocks, stay out at the bar too late – so I’ll definitely see you around. (Unless I owe you money, then I moved to Alaska.)

Thanks for being a big part of my afternoons for the last decade or so, and hope you’ll like what’s new on KISS-FM - I'll be listening right along with you, and can't wait to hear what's next. Have a great Spring!