I never really got into Breaking Bad because I was already faithfully watching 5 other weekly shows, but whenever I did watch it, I loved it. The cast were great actors and it had a great story line. But my plan was to start from the beginning of the series and watch it all the way through chronologically. Now that's it over and the web (thank you Facebook/Twitter) ruined the end, I probably won't.

Enter: Need For Speed

First off, if you didn't know, Need For Speed is a video game first and has many versions in the series, which is published by EA (Electronic Arts). NFS is the reason I switched from Sega to the Sony PlayStation gaming system. And even though I have since switched to Microsoft's Xbox, I am still an avid fan of the series, owning most if not all.

Being a huge fan of the game, I was semi-afraid that any movie adaption would be a cheap Fast & Furious knockoff (which it still may prove to be... at least as far as the plot goes), but after watching the trailer and seeing the cast, there is hope. In addition to the starring role going to Breaking Bad star Aaron Paul, they've also tapped ex-Batman star, Michael Keaton, Dominic Cooper and the beautiful Imogen Poots.

The next pro: the car selection is right out of the games. That in and of itself is an amazing feat considering the rarity and price tag of the list of cars available in the span of games that have been in circulation since 1994!

All in all, if the trailer is any preview of how good this movie could be... I can't wait until it's release, tentatively scheduled for March 14th, 2014.