It’s official. The courts have confirmed Britney Spears‘ fiancé and soon-to-be third husband Jason Trawick as the co-conservator of her non-monetary affairs. A judge made it official on Wednesday (April 25.)

Brit had been under the conservatorship of her father Jamie Spears ever since Feb. 2008, during her well-publicized meltdown and when she fell into the clutches of some predatory business associates. Essentially, he had legal authority over his baby girl’s well-being, which included decisions on minutia like food, clothing and medical care.

According to PEOPLE, Papa Spears’ lawyer Geraldine Wyle said, “Jamie’s thrilled. It’s all in the family.”

It was Brit Brit who asked that Trawick, easily the most stable force in her life over the past several years, share the conservatorship, not Jamie himself.

Trawick will not have legal control over his fiancee’s finances; those will remain under the watchful eye of Jamie Spears and a lawyer.

A source said that the conservatorship is a technicality at this point, since Brit moves about her life freely and without being under her father’s thumb. It will be lifted once a judge decides that Brit is able to manage her own affairs.

While a conservatorship is merely a legal construct and the term “control” is legal language in this case, it’s still odd to hear that the future Mr. Britney Spears “controls” things. But then again, Brit’s never looked or sounded better and it’s speculated that Trawick’s calming, guiding influence has a lot to do with that. So this arrangement should suit all parties just fine.