For Star Wars Day (as a self-proclaimed super fan), I decided to get a Star Wars-themed tattoo. After narrowing it down to two choices, a lightsaber or the Millennium Falcon, I offered the final decision up to the listeners.


The highest vote was for both, but time (and money) dictated I go with the second highest choice... which was the Millennium Falcon! I guess I'll just have to get the lightsaber next year!

It's worth noting, as a young child, I was not a fan of the Millennium Falcon.. at all! I couldn't understand how it flew correctly with it not being symmetrical (ya know, like an X-wing or TIE Fighter), but as I got older and understood more about the actual science of true space travel, I found out it actually doesn't have to be. That changed my entire outlook on the ship and now it's one of my favorites!

DJ Nyke, Townsquare Media