Yep, that time of year.   I knew Wyoming winters were kinda bad - but are we really the 3rd worst in the nation?   So says Farmer's Almanac for 2011, click to read the story after the jump:

CASPER, WYOMING Snow is common in this town and has occurred as early as September and as late as early June. The average daily winter temperature is 22°F, and on average, 181 days of the year have temperatures at or below 32°F. Casper is among the top five most windiest spots in the nation. The prevailing winter wind blows from the southwest, with the emphasis on “blows.” Some wind gusts have been clocked at over 60 m.p.h. The wind has knocked tractor-trailers off interstates. As one native put it: “In the winter we have snow followed by wind, wind followed by snow, and wind and snow together. In some places the snow never hits the ground but gets worn out by the wind.” And the late Jean Shepherd wrote: “Let me tell you, you’ve never been in a blizzard until you’ve been in a real Wyoming screamer. The snow was coming down so fast and hard that I felt I was driving through a white tunnel. It got colder and colder, and my windshield was freezing up faster than the defrosters could blow it off.

We were better than Syracuse, NY and Duluth, MN - and worse than Cleveland & Detroit.    Wonder if they have a "wind" top 5?

(via 5 Worst Winter Weather Cities | Farmers' Almanac.)