Chad Lore has always been a performer. Chad Lore has always been a little bit twisted. Put the two together and that is entertainment! Chad was sitting around one night when the idea of the Harmoni-car came to mind. A car covered with the over 220 well used harmonicas of his performance career. Then the thought was, if you have the car you have to show it off so how about a road trip? And that is where the tour came from. Now here is where the twisted comes in. How about 10 states (1,000 miles) in 24 hours? Doesn't sound easy does it? However with some planning the itinerary came together with stops in TX, NM, OK, CO, KS, WY, NE, ND, SD and MT.

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Then came the stops for the band to perform anywhere from one to three songs depending on their travel schedule. Some businesses were more receptive to the idea than others so they are still looking for a few places to play, but as of right now it will be steakhouses to donut shops, a hardware store to a gas station to street dances and more all to get the performances in.

(see the city by city itinerary here.)

Chad gave us a preview of the trip, and along with fellow performers Tom and Smitty, we also got a taste of the entertainment with a performance of Dumpster Dan

Here are a few pics from the studio interview and a selection of shots of the Harmoni-car.

Now for those who are having a tough time figuring out this whole Harmoni-car thing we thought we would take you for a ride so you could hear it for yourself. Enjoy!

Look for Chad and the crew on a road or highway near you soon. They start in Texas Friday night September 16th and finish in Montana 24 hours later. Give em a honk a wave and listen to the sweet music of the Harmoni-car as it makes it's way down the highway.