This is your last last chance to win 'covert prizes' fro NBC's 'State of Affairs'.  You will have until Sunday November 16th at midnight to get the correct answer in. Monday November 17th we will announce the final winner of the covert prize and the grand prize winner of the GoPro Hero 3+.

Stay briefed on the latest…watch the video clip below from NBC’s upcoming new show, State of Affairs to find out the answer to the question posed. This enters you for a chance to win $100 in “covert” funds (a $100 Visa gift card) and the grand prize GoPro Hero3+ Silver Edition to capture your action-packed moments hands free. Katherine Heigl and Alfre Woodard star in State of Affairs, premiering Monday, November 17 at 9:00 PM on News 13, Where News Comes First.

Day 1 Winner: Marci Miles - $100 Visa Gift Card

Day 2 Winner: Laurie Johnstone - $100 Visa Gift Card

Day 3 Winner: Shelby Garner- $100 Visa Gift Card

Day 4 Winner: Chris Paden - $100 Visa Gift Card