Kesha is really excited about her new song 'Machine Gun Love' so excited that when she performed it live at a recent concert, she encouraged her fans to record it.  I think that is pretty cool!

Christopher Polk, Getty Images

Kesha gave fans a tiny peek at this song on her new show, but then at a concert she made the full reveal of it! Kesha was recently performing at a concert and she was talking about her new song 'Machine Gun Love' and she told her fans at the show "I just love it!" She then said “and I really want to know what you guys think. So if you wouldn’t mind, can every person in here take out your phone, take out your camera, and hit record?” Of course those crazy animals in the audience happily obliged, which is good because that means we all get a sneak peek!

I think this is an awesome way to promote your new song. Instead of just releasing it, allowing your fans to record it and put it on YouTube and essentially "releasing" it for you.  That's a pretty cool idea.

So far I am very impressed with all of Kesha's new music, and this song is definitely another fave to add to the list.

Do you like it? I do!