Okay So I wasn't really aware of who Courtney Stodden was until this whole "pumpkin patch" fiasco with her and her husband. When I saw the first couple of pictures from the incident, my first thoughts were just "Oh it's some skanky fame whore and a c list actor".

It was then that someone pointed out to me that this girl was supposed to be 17 years old?!?!?


I had a very hard time understanding or believing how this girl who looked like she was 28 going on 45 could be 17 years old. From there I just continued to fall deeper into the rabbit hole. In the process of confirming the information that she was in fact 17, I also came across photos taken of her while she was still in high school.

Check this out.



The best part about all that? She claims to have had NO surgical entrancement work done. I'm having a hard time coming to terms with that.

Well, then I watched this video clip of the interview she did on the Dr. Drew show.

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Oh okay I get it now! The aging must come from her excessive consumption of some form of mind altering substances.

What do you think? Is she still all natural? How does she explain looking like she is 28 at the age of 17?