The holiday season brings out many different flavors and varieties that are traditionally only used this time of year. Something called Cranberry Ginger Shandy from Leinenkugel's caught my attention. Leinenkugel's Brewing is known for their shandy as being one of the best on the market. To make a shandy with cranberry and ginger - sure, why not. I'll try it.

I had zero expectations about this drink but, as it turns out, it was pretty good! I'm not even a big fan of cranberries and it made a very nice drink. A shandy isn't supposed to be heavy as it is so it was a great compliment to our dinner that evening.

If you're curious, a shandy is basically making any non-carbonated drink carbonated. Like mixing orange juice and sprite.

I found this in a holiday variety pack. Might be worth grabbing some. Especially if you have someone in your party who doesn't mind a drink, but doesn't like beer.