If you're having issues with your social media accounts, especially via your smartphone, the terrorist organization ISIS may be to blame.

ISIS has been known to use social media to recruit. President Obama has recently said (via CNN) they are "killers with good social media".

Many social media sites like Twitter and Facebook have fail-safes in place, but according to Wired.com, it's pretty much impossible to completely wipe out their presence online.

Some believe the ISIS threat is the cause for recent issues with the video messaging app Snapchat. For the better part of this month (November, 2015), they've been experiencing some major issues. The website DownDetector.com has reported outages and other problems with the app from more than 8000 users... and that's just today!

Most reported problems:

  • App doesn't start or crashes (54%)
  • Receiving snaps or refresh (24%)
  • Sending snaps (21%)

At this point, there is no fix, workaround or update to the issues.