After the first half hour of the 2012 People’s Choice Awards focused on the best actors and actresses of the year, the show then turned to music entertainment — starring Demi Lovato! The ‘Skyscraper’ songstress brought the first musical offering to the stage with her most recent single ‘Give Your Heart a Break‘ from her 2011 record ‘Unbroken.’ Dressed in a bold red gown, silver sparkling earrings and funky jewelry, Lovato hit the stage with an honest performance.

But was it crowd-pleasing? Well, when the imperfections snuck in, it definitely added rawness to her perf. But compared to her ‘Skyscaper’ performance at the VH1 Do Something Awards, it was below par.

Lovato walked the runway-like center stage with an appropriate confidence, putting her out within the audience that she seems to so sincerely appreciate. But when she hit the bridge of the her song, we felt her voice and emotion strain — and not in the best way possible. Maybe the ballads are easy for her live? Or maybe she’s still feeling the effects of a rough week? Whatever the case, the track is one of our favorites  — reminds of a Beyonce hit with the sweet innocence of Taylor Swift.

Visually, it was stunning. As she sang in front of a beautifully retro set that flashed with black and white checkers and pops of red hearts, Lovato took advantage of the stage and interacted nicely with her musicians. At times everything onstage was white except the songstress’ bright red dress.

As the light show stopped and she finished her last note, Lovato seemed to be genuinely taking in every moment, looking out into the audience as though she couldn’t believe where she was. She was adorably sweet, although with all of the talent she encompasses, we expected a bit more from her tonight.

Watch Demi Lovato Perform at the 2012 People’s Choice Awards