There's been a short 30 second video making it's rounds about Facebook showing a couple in bedtime gear riding a king sized wheeled-bed down a small mountain (or maybe it's a big hill). Now while this looks fun, the video takes a turn for the insane when the bed then jumps 8 dump trunks!

Now I'm willing to bet this video is some really good chop and editing work from at least 2 different videos, shot from at least two different angles, but I know it can't be one entire single shot. Now the Facebook version stops at roughly around 27 seconds and can only be viewed at a horribly low resolution, which makes it appear to be shot with a cell phone camera. I did my homework and found the entire video which stops at about 35 seconds which shows that the video is actually a commercial for Durex UK. Durex makes condoms and lubricant and the tag line for this commercial is: slide longer than you expect.

There you have it. Those tricky sex lube people.