You've heard of renaissance faires and, sure, we have our share of beer festivals, but what are some great, unique festivals we have in Wyoming that you might not find anywhere else? Here's a list of a few worth checking out at least once.

  • Beartrap Summer Festival

    Casper Mountain

    The camping, the music, the food; no matter your reason, this is one you need to attend.

  • Cheyenne Celtic Musical Arts Festival


    Bringing great Irish music and dance with great food. Gotta love it!

  • Hot Air Balloon Festival


    Keeping the tradition of hot air balloons alive. Certainly a sight you need to see for yourself.

  • Green River Rendezvous


    I love the re-enactments. Check it out sometime!

  • Cheyenne Frontier Days


    Non-stop rodeos, concerts and more. It's a huge party and everyone's invited.