A couple weeks ago, we tipped you off to the fact that the 80's classic  'Ghostbusters' was doing a pre-Halloween re-release in Casper.  Opening night drew a medium-sized yet highly enthusiastic crowd at the Iris for the 7pm showing - complete with this guy, who had one of the most authentic costumes I've seen, complete with a exact replica proton pack that blared Ray Parker Jr.'s theme song out front.

(Sadly - on our way out, I heard the guy drop it and saw him in the lobby fixing it - hope he was able to salvage it and that he's at the next showing, it was a cool touch.)

In 1984 at age 11, I was a HUGE fan of the movie - had the toys, had the t-shirt, I can remember watching it over and over again, and feeling like the special effects were something cutting-edge and amazing to see.  It's kind of funny taking your own almost-11-year-old back years later, and even though she really enjoyed the film, hearing her make comments that some of it "looked kinda fake".  Which of course, it did - but probably even moreso to a kid who really hasn't seen much pre-digital projection, 2000's CGI, and 3D.   They made it on a $30 million dollar budget back in the 80's - which was a pretty large budget for the time.  It went on to make over $238 million in the United States alone - over $538 million by today's standards if you adjust for inflation.

Supposedly, Harold Ramis - one of the writers and original 'Ghostbusters' - is developing a script for a new sequel as recently as 2008, where the original cast members would have minor roles, appearing in the film in some kind of "mentor" capacity.  There's been a handful of decent attempts at the remake routine that's becoming a trend lately - but I'm not sure how I'd feel about a new cast of 'Ghostbusters'.

Regardless - if you were a fan of the original, seeing it on the big-screen is  a must-do with your family while it's back in Casper.  Only two showings left - October 20 and 27, both happening at 7pm at the Iris.