The more I hear from Ed Sheeran, the more I like this kid. The ginger-haired musician has pinned quite a few hits for some major names out now, from the likes of Taylor Swift and One Direction. And that's not counting the monster hits he's made for himself like The A Team and Lego House. One of my favorite songs I've heard him perform though is the American folk song, Wayfaring Stranger where he sings all the parts and beatboxes using a loop pedal. But I was amazed when my buddy Joe "Whyte Choc" McDaniels showed me a viral YouTube video of Doug Bako doing the song, the same way using a cool iPhone app called Voice Jam. Doug has stunning voice as well, but with just a touch more soul than Sheeran's. Either way, I'd be hard pressed to pick a favorite between the 2 renditions.