One of Casper's favorite sons, Aquile, is once again making some very big moves. Just a few seasons back, he was a contestant on the mega-hit NBC show, The Voice. Now he's set to compete on VH1's Make A Band Famous competition with his band, The Orbit Group.

But like any thing that requires travel (especially coast to coast, in this case going from California to New York City), it takes money. Aquile has started a Fundly campaign to raise the $5000.00 needed to get him, the band and all their gear to the competition.

Aquile and The Orbit Group are already in the top 60 bands list. The competition starts this coming Tuesday and will be broadcast live on nationally via VH1. The winning band will receive a recording contract from Universal Music Group (UMG). Let's all band together to help Aquile get to this possible life-changing event!