Who knew there is a website that actually shows you the actual dollar value for each body part of yours? It appears that each state in America calculates the numbers of workman's compensation and breaks down the near amount your could receive if you lose them.

Here's one example: In Arizona, you'd make over $143,000 if you lost both arms, and over in Nevada it's over $800,000.

Now before you go rushing out and try to cash in on this at your own place of employment (which we HIGHLY discourage), let's do a breakdown of how much money you'd be making in Wyoming state.

Leg $92,833

Hand $63,407

Thumb $7,709

Index Finger $7,867

Middle Finger $4,390

Ring Finger $7,112

Pinky $3,794

Foot $54,037

Big Toe $15,888

Bear in mind, this is just a guesstimate. Consider it the ballpark figure...still, at least with this list provided here you can have a basic idea of what you might expect back in the form of compensation.