Earlier today I sent a survey around to everyone here at the station. It was very simple. Complete the following statement: "Casper needs a _________."

I have to admit, I was expecting most of the replies to be centered around food and shopping, but much to my surprise, people apparently care about things other than their bellies and their looks!

Take a look at the responses, then leave a comment below and complete the same statement. "Casper needs a ________." I can't wait to read the responses!

  • Casper needs a better place to shop for clothes!
  • Casper needs a civic and/or convention center.
  • Casper needs a Dave And Buster's...or some other form of indoor entertainment.
  • Casper needs a lottery.
  • Casper needs a competitive aquatic center.
  • Casper needs a giant plexiglas dome... cut out the wind and turn us into a botanical garden. everything else we want will follow.
  • Casper needs a stronger economic base.
  • Casper needs a better mall, people may actually spend money here instead of the internet or other towns.
  • Casper needs a Summer Music Festival!!!!! All Downtown over 2 days!!!
  • Casper needs a more indoor recreation opportunities (fall through spring)...
  • Casper needs a better variety of sit down resturants.
  • Casper needs a really good geriatric physican who actually cares about his/her patients!
  • Casper needs a broader selection of restauruants/cuisine!