Is Justin Bieber the new Vanilla Ice? He is if you ask Kid Rock. Kid told Howard Stern:

“The kid’s young. He’s got some money. He’s got the world in his hands. It’s just kind of sad to see him go down this trajectory. It’s gonna be a very long ride down … I kind of feel for the kid, to be honest with you.”

If you watch the video, Kid Rock has some valid comments but he's wrong about Justin Bieber not having any hit songs... By our count, he's got way more than Vanilla Ice. We smell a new celebrity feud.

Vanilla Ice

1. Ice Ice Baby

Justin Bieber

1. Baby

2. Somebody to Love

3. U Smile

4. One Less Lonely Girl

5. One Time

6. Never Say Never

7. Beauty and a Beat

8. Believe

9. Boyfriend

10. All Around the World

11. As Long As You Love Me

12. #That Power

We rest our case...