Ah yes, it's Valentine's Day, a day for lovers to celebrate their love. Doesn't that sound... cliche? Actually, it's the day that guys scramble to live up to their partner's expectations! Earlier this week while grocery shopping I saw a whole pack of guys shopping for Valentine's Day cards and this morning, at around 6am I had to run over to WalMart to grab a lamp for one of the morning shows (don't ask) and saw a TON of men buying last second bouquets, cards, balloons, stuffed animals and more. I'm not going to lie, I was feeling pretty proud of myself. Keith's Valentine's Day gift came in Wednesday... and I scooted in next to the guys at the grocery store and got both he and my mom a card. Not only that, I ordered flower for my mom, mother in law and daughter last week. I WIN!

FYI, this is pretty much how romantic Keith and I get:) It's a good thing we're secure in our relationship!


What did you do for Valentine's Day? FYI, I got Keith a Soda Stream... So he can make his own Red Bull! Tell us below in the comments! And by the way, HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY!