J. Cole has touched on a controversial topic in his latest music video entitled: Crooked Smile, which also features TLC on the hook. As much as I love that particular song, I was semi-lost seeing how the video was supposed to tie into the song. After watching it in it's entirety, I realized it didn't really (but so?). It was Cole's very clever, yet not so subtle way to make a statement. And in his defense, it was a successful, because it made me do my homework.

Aiyana Staley-Jones, YouTube.com

The Crooked Smile video concludes with the words "For Aiyana Stanley-Jones" and "And please reconsider your war on drugs". Aiyana Stanley-Jones was a 7-year-old girl that was slain during a drug raid in Detroit, Michigan when an officer's bullet went through her grandmother's walls. The event was heavy in the news when it initially took place back 2010, but has since died down. A little more than a year later, one of the Detroit Task Force members, Officer Joseph Weekley was charged with involuntary manslaughter and reckless endangerment with a gun.

It has been said that the intelligent use their words as weapons. The Roc Nation rapper has gone the other route, using the "picture speaks a thousand words" method. We read you loud and clear Cole.