We all know Jason Derulo can cut some rug, but we were pleasantly surprised when he decided to release a second version of his video for 'The Other Side' that totally focued on his choreography.

The original clip featured a narrative of Jason and a lady friend going through a break-up, but Derulo thought this jilted his dance moves a bit. He told Billboard, "As dancers, we worked hard to make the choreography next-level. Due to quick camera angles and the need to tell a story, you lose most of the 'wow' tricks that would shock most fans, especially after coming off of my neck injury. This cut focuses on all the dance sequences, to really highlight the hard work."

We don't blame the guy! He and his dancers probably worked for hours upon hours on their choreography only to have a portion of it make the final video cut. Plus, we bet Jason wants to show off how he's better than ever after his neck injury. This edit gives it up for the hard work that went into the video dance scenes. Bravo!