One of the biggest songs from the past year, Jessie J‘s ‘Domino,’ is easily one of the catchiest songs around. But it looks like her hit single may have been borrowed from another singer’s line of work — a huge no-no in any type of industry. The singer is now being sued for copyright infringement.

Singer Will Loomis of Newport, Calif. filed suit against the singer and names Jessie J, Universal Music Group, Lava Records, and Universal Republic Records as defendants in the case. He claims that large amounts of his song ‘Bright Red Chords,’ which was released in 2008, were used in her song ‘Domino.’

“Mr. Loomis never consented to the use of his song,” wrote Loomis’ lawyer Chris Arledge in a statement, “and we look forward to obtaining an appropriate remedy from the court for this clear infringement.” Loomis even uploaded a video to YouTube comparing his song and her song side-by-side.

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Listen to ‘Bright Red Chords’ vs. ‘Domino’

Listen to ‘Domino’ by Jessie J

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