Joe Jonas has a new band, without his brothers and appears to be shaking loose of the Disney, clean-cut image (a la Miley Cyrus).

Joe's new band goes by the name DNCE (pronounced D-N-C-E). The have a very Pop Funk sound that is reminiscent of Mark Ronson and Bruno Mars' smash hit, Uptown Funk. Their new single entitled "Cake By The Ocean" is sure to be a hit with it's catchy hook and dancey vibe. But what may surprise you are Jonas' lyrics. The non-radio version is rife with "F-bombs" and other various swear words.

Profanity aside, the song is sure to be a chart-topper. DNCE is compiled of Jonas, smoking hot female guitarist JinJoo Lee, bassist Cole Whittle and former Jonas Brothers' drummer Jack Lawless.