Oh, that was unexpected.

The Jonas Brothers, shedding their boy band image with their new album, performed an acoustic, bluesy version of their bouncy single 'Pom Poms' at the 2013 O Music Awards. They also unplugged for 'First Time.'

The arrangement for 'Pom Poms' was totally different, starting out slow and steadily accelerating to the chorus. The song is a pep rally anthem, so to hear it stripped down was interesting and refreshing.

We'll hand it to the Jonas Bros. They are good enough to makeover their own song in a new way. Nice job, guys! They also performed the electronically-tinged 'First Time' in similar fashion.

These versions certainly demonstrate the musicianship of the trio, stripping down to basics without any pretense.

Joe Jonas sported a near-shaved head and his usual five o'clock shadow. Where are the models at?

The crowd, comprised mostly of ladies, at this intimate gig was feeling it. They were singing along and kept their eyes fixed to the trio while they performed.

If this performance and the reaction of the audience are any sort of indication, well, then, the Jo Bros still have it.

Watch the Jonas Brothers Perform 'First Time'