Part 2 of ‘Justin Bieber: All Around the World’ picked up where last night’s episode left off, with Justin Bieber having passed out after sustaining a concussion, being attended to and and then performing for more screaming fans. Make that screaming-their-heads-off fans. He hangs with cool folks (the Mrs., Jimmy Fallon) and blows up the Apollo. Literally. With a power outage.

In this episode, he’s traveling the world but proves there is no place like home, going back to Canada, busking on the street where he used to play covers. Now he played one of his own songs. My, how things have changed.

The Biebs’ stylist reveals that his ‘Believe’ promo tour uniform has consisted of denim, jeans and leather since they wanted to update his look. His style is all swag, swag, swag.

Manager Scooter Braun shares that because of the melees that have followed the teen in other parts of the world, the NYPD won’t grant permits to do an outdoor show in any of the five boroughs. So they needed to find a new venue for a free show for Beliebers.

Through the episode, JB does cool things. He hangs and sings with Jimmy Fallon, with whom he is really good friends. He also visits with Avianna, aka Mrs. Bieber. He gets emotional when he speaks of her, since the little girl is very ill. He shows her that she is the background photo on his phone. Awwww! It had us choked up. Not gonna lie!

The special, which is a well-done publicity generator that shows days in the life of a teen idol who’s a little more extraordinary than his peers, ends with the teen performing at the famed Apollo in Harlem. The power goes out, so the Biebs blew up the Apollo and broke it. He also broke all kinds of records, with ‘Believe’ debuting at No. 1 in 33 countries.

Braun sums it up effectively, saying, “Your root for that kid with all your heart and you see people reacting to what he does, you swell up with pride.”

Amen to that.

The two-part special doesn’t tell us anything we didn’t already know, but if you are not a Belieber (and really, we don’t get how anyone isn’t a card-carrying member of that club!), it’s a crash course in everything he’s about. He says and does all the right things, but he never feels coached or media-trained. It comes from a very real place.

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