It appears that Justin Bieber didn’t air the entire ‘Boyfriend’ video when he visited ‘The Voice’ last week because he is still filming it. Photos from the Los Angeles set of the clip have been released, while images of the singer and his girlfriend Selena Gomez engaging in PDAs on the set have surfaced. More details about The Biebs and his Selena look-alike co-star have also emerged. So much ‘Boyfriend,’ so little time!

The new photo released from the set features a gilded Biebs. He is wearing dark jeans, a vest and seriously banging gold high tops. The crew positioned itself on the roof of a Los Angeles parking lot, which featured classic cars and a new Ford Mustang. Vehicles are playing a big part of The Biebs’ life lately, like his $20,000 motorbike, which was purchased last week.

Sel dropped by the set, too, and he took time out of filming to give her a lift — literally. He is holding her up, with her legs wrapped around his back and his hands under her butt. She looks effortlessly summery in black shorts, boots and a comfy gray, off-the-shoulder top while holding a Chick-Fil-A beverage cup. Cutest. Couple. Ever.

The teen’s co-star in the video is a Selena look-alike, with long, flowing, shiny black locks. Bieber apparently plays guitar and serenades the Selena wannabe in the footage. Anyone else out there thing Selena Gomez should be his co-star? Since he is her ‘Boyfriend?’ (Cue the melody now!)