The Daringest Duo is back! Karmin recently has had a big hit on their hands with their new single 'Acapella'  and the music video definitely doesn't disappoint. Nick and Amy from Karmin are engaged in real life, and also have a very successful music career together.  In the music video for their new song 'Acapella' I noticed a couple things.  One being that Amy's hair has strayed from her long brown hair with her signature "suicide roll" in the front, to a short blonde bob.  I think she pulls it off quite well, and also there is a ton of color blocking in this video.  From red to green, to blue, they hit three major colors.

In my opinion this video is very reminiscent of No Doubt in the early 2000's / late 1990's but that's just me.  I thought Amy seemed very Gwen Stefani-ish especially in the parts where she is singing in all blue and dancing.

Check out the colorful video for yourself!