Lady Gaga‘s Born This Way Ball world tour kicked off in Seoul on Friday (April 27) amidst drama and prayer groups that protested the gig. Footage of the fan-filmed has landed online, as as have details about the sexually-charged and entertaining show.

Some of the highlights are as follows:

Gaga rode onto the stage on horseback, making a dramatic entrance, proving that the drama was not just instigated by the media watchdog group that banned the show for any South Koreans under the age of 18.

She addressed the show ban for a certain age group, saying, “I was told that your government decided that my shows should be 18 or over… So, I’ll make sure it will be!” Rather than tone it down, the Mother Monster turned it up… And by several notches. The show included Gaga tossing herself and dancers into a fake meat grinder a la GWAR. Simulated group sex and lesbian activity also took place on stage.

There was a diamond-shaped cage with the outline of Gaga’s face affixed to the front of it that was lowered to the stage during ‘Heavy Metal Lover,’ while in the video for ‘Paparazzi,’ you can get a clear look at the castle that is the stage. It is a majestic visual spectacle. If you expected anything less from the Mother Monster, than you must not pay very close attention to her.

MTV reports that 45,000 little monsters made it out the show, despite the protestors that picketed the gig, calling it “obscene.”

According to MTV, the set list for the show consisted largely of tracks from ‘Born This Way,’ which is logical, since it’s the Born This Way Ball. However, the list fails to include ‘Paparazzi,’ which we know she performed thanks to the video footage below.

2012 Born This Way Ball Set List

‘Highway Unicorn’

‘Government Hooker’

‘Born This Way’

‘Bloody Mary’

‘Bad Romance’

‘Fashion of His Love’

‘The Queen’

‘Just Dance’

‘Love Game’


‘Just Dance”

‘Heavy Metal Lover”

‘Bad Kids’


‘Yoü and I’

‘Electric Chapel’


‘Poker Face’


‘The Edge of Glory’

‘Marry the Night’

Watch Footage of Gaga Performing ‘Heavy Metal Lover’

Watch Footage of Lady Gaga Performing ‘Paparazzi’