This means war! DJ White Shadow, who worked as a producer on Lady Gaga‘s ‘Born This Way,’ has entered the Gaga vs. Madonna fray. By now, you know the story. Madge finally commented on ‘Born This Way,’ calling it “reductive“ on ‘Good Morning America’ and also telling Newsweek that it was a “wonderful way to redo my song.” While the Material Girl did say that she thinks Gaga is talented, the focus has been squarely on the not-so-positive commentary. The little monsters are on the attack, and now, so is DJ White Shadow. Sort of.

First, he tweeted, ”And obviously: someone should take there old lady meds before they are allowed to talk in public. No memories having motherf—er.” Ouch. That was a low blow on his part, but at least the man is passionate about his art and his collaborations.

He apparently was speaking about Madonna after she went on her press blitz for ‘W.E.’ and ‘M.D.N.A.’ and the inevitable subject of Gaga came up. Again and again and again and again.

DJ White Shadow eventually backpedalled a bit, later posting: “I obviously do not hate Madonna, or belittle her talent or achievements, however, if she thinks we stole a song from her she is wrong.”

The second tweet was obviously much more tame and respectful, and to the point.

While everyone is focusing on what Madonna is saying about Gaga, PopCrush is now much more interested in what Gaga will say about how Madonna is commenting on her and how little monsters are reacting.

Gaga is a sweet girl at heart and she has admitted that she loves Madonna, even calling her the “queen” back when ‘Born This Way’ was released. We don’t think she would diss Madge at all. Hell, we wouldn’t put it past her to have asked DJ White Shadow to post that second comment.

We’ll still wager that there’s going to be an eventual duet, too.