Marie Claire is here to save the day with some last minute gifts that will cost nothing... especially if you are rushing around looking for some last minute gifts on Christmas Eve.

Now some of these do cost a few dollars, but not much in the long haul and some can be made from stuff or craft supplies you may have already at home.

Here are just some ideas. Check out the link above to find even more.

  1. Put together your own cookbook.
  2. Bake something.
  3. Create a photo album.
  4. Get crafty – hit up Pinterest or think of some ideas and show your creative side. Make sugar scrubs or homemade crafts. 
  5. Have a "holi-date"! Treat a friend to something fun that is free or really inexpensive. 
  6. Make a movie. Put together a video of some of the year’s highlights or of over time. 
  7. Give a flower bulb they can plant in spring or inside.