Okay, feel good story of the day. Earlier today I got a note about a local fellow, who is a big supporter of the MS Society and who also suffers with MS, who had his bike stolen. As this was his mode of transport as well as a way to keep his muscles in shape, I thought what a shame, let's do a quick story and see if we can find the bike.

It didn't take 3 hours before I got a phone call from a lovely lady by the name of Laura who told me about a bike that was abandoned in the street and then left against a light pole. Laura felt for sure that this was the bike and loaded it up and brought it to the radio station. Upon seeing the bike I was reasonably certain that it was the bike but the tell tale sign was the combination lock wrapped around the seat post that opened when the combination was entered.

With a quick text to Dennis Arner and a pic of the bike to prove it, Dennis came racing to the station to see for himself the bike that went missing some three weeks ago that showed up about three blocks from his house.

In the meantime, Dennis had recieved a new bike at the annual MS Walk, but was thrilled to see his old ride and stated,

It's like putting on an old pair of jeans,

when he jumped on the bike and pedaled off. The bike was beaten up a little and a few things broken, but it shined like new in Dennis' eyes.

My visit with Dennis brought a tear to my eye and a lump to my throat and the assurance that as much bad happens in the world there is still good as well. I am happy that a little good happened to one of the good guys.