Maybe Louis Tomlinson should be called the Accident-Prone One.

The One Direction star, who got hurt at a charity soccer match earlier this month, took a big spill onstage in Australia this week.

While 1D were kicking off their 24-date Oz tour in Adelaide on Monday (Sept. 23), Louis slipped on some water and fell down -- hard -- while he and the guys were performing 'Kiss You.' The sound of him hitting the floor with his backside is clearly audible in the video above. You can see the other band members rushing to his aid immediately, but because these guys are total pros, the show never stopped!

Fortunately for all -- including all the Aussie Directioners still waiting to see their heroes -- Louis laughed off the fall, and got back on his feet after a short while to perform the rest of the show. PHEW.

LT fans are counting their blessings after that recent soccer scare in Scotland when their fave was left writhing in pain on the pitch after a hard tackle. That whole ugly incident was punctuated with some sideline vomiting by Louis. And that's not all: In March, he injured his knee onstage in Belfast.