At 53, Madonna has still got it. “It” being gobs of sex appeal, thank you very much. The Material Girl covers the new issue of Italian Vanity Fair, showing plenty of skin and posing provocatively. That’s a patented move from the Madonna media playbook, though!

She flashes her ample cleavage, wears fishnets and has an “M” pendant in her mouth. That’s what we call suggestive! Those elements, combined with her vintage Marilyn Monroe styling, featuring big, blond waves and red lips, make this image a real head turner. It meshes Madonna of yore and Madonna of now quite beautifully.

With bare shoulders, Madge almost — we said almost! — looks naked. It’s as though we’ve stumbled on her and her boy toy as they were about to, uh, you know. Even this deep into her career, with four kids at home, Madonna won’t tone it down or blunt her sex appeal. It’s in her DNA. We love her for it, too.

Mama Mia! Madonna should make her Italian brethren happy with this cover. She is truly “la bella donna!” That means “beautiful woman” in Italian, in case you didn’t figure it out.