Actually making yourself go to the gym is really hard, but I've found sometimes the right playlist can really make the time at the gym fly by and *GASP* enjoyable.

Melissa Awesome/KISS FM

Recently I've really gotten into trying to work hard and get into shape.  As much as I wish that involved as much pizza and Netflix as doesn't.  Like at all. But I've found a new love for the gym.  I go 4-5 times a week (some weeks it's been 6, yikes).  I do a mix of cardio and weight training (shout out to our very own Chandelle for taking me under her wing and teaching me the ways)!  But I've found with the right playlist working out really isn't all that bad! (oh and in case you cared, I've been doing this about 4 weeks now and I'm down 8lbs.  Not a TON but I try to pretend that all of this sweet muscle I'm building is what's making it seem like it's coming off slowly haha but at least it's a start!)

BTW if you didn't notice I have an insanely eclectic music taste, sooo this is going to jump around.  A lot!

  1. Hall and Oates- 'You Make My Dreams Come True' (I call this my 80's montage song)
  2. Lady Gaga- 'Marry The Night'
  3. Beastie Boys- 'No Sleep 'Til Brooklyn'
  4. Pink- 'Raise Your Glass'
  5. The Outfield- 'Your Love' (If you want a really upbeat version YouTube the I See Stars version)
  6. MKTO- 'Classic'
  7. Echosmith- 'Cool Kids'
  8. Skid Row- 'Youth Gone Wild' (Honestly I have a whole workout playlist that's just hair shame.   But I figured for this I'm going to give my latest playlist haha)
  9. Paramore- 'Aint It Fun'
  10. Rob Zombie- 'Dragula'

So now I want to know, what is on your workout playlist?!