On Sunday, Patti Stanger, the star of Bravo’s reality show ‘Millionaire Matchmaker,’ made some rather controversial comments about gay men on the live Bravo talk show show ‘Watch What Happens,’ saying “in the gay world, there is always going to be open relationships.”

She added that she thinks “there is no curbing the gay,” while she also told a caller, who identified himself as being gay, that she “tried to curb you people.” On Monday night, she started to make the apology rounds.

Her first stop was her Twitter account, where she wrote, “So sorry – didn’t mean to offend anyone. Love you all.”

Stanger also provided a more detailed apology on HLN’s ‘Joy Behar Show.’ claiming she has a strong history of advocating for gay marriage.

Not everyone is happy with the apology, though. One person on Twitter responded to Stanger by writing, “‘I didn’t mean to offend you’ ≠ ‘What I said was bigoted and wrong.’”