The more I been hang out with myself, the more I notice I am really weird, and I have a borderline-OCD quirk.

When I am walking outside, I ALWAYS walks on the part of the sidewalk that's closest to the street.

If anyone else is on that side, I'll actually readjust so I'm the one who walks closest to it. People call me out on it all the time, it's something my dad taught me to do with women.

Apparently, back in the day, it was considered chivalrous for men to walk closest to the street. If something splashed, the guy would take the brunt of it and their special lady would stay clean and dry.

It's really weird, I know.

Do any other guys do this? Guys - what weird chivalrous things did your mom or dad teach you to do with the ladies? Or, what weird advice did they give you about dating and chivalry?