Two men were unhurt after their vehicles were stranded in the snow and the Natrona County Sheriff's Office assisted them in search and rescue efforts this weekend, Sgt. Aaron Shatto said Tuesday.

Early Saturday, William Bower left Jeffrey City by way of Gas Hills Road and thought he could beat the incoming storm, according to an incident report.

But he got stuck after turning on Dry Creek Road and driving nine miles. He tried to dig himself out, and then spent the night in his 1977 4x4 van hoping someone would drive by.

No one did, so Bower began walking Sunday morning.

Meanwhile, weather conditions deteriorated because of six inches of new snow, 8 degrees, and wind gusts from 20 mph to 30 mph.

Bower walked for about two hours toward Wyoming Highway 220 before he could get a cell phone signal to call for help.

A sheriff's sergeant responding to the call, and the coordinates on Bower's cell phone, drove about 18 miles north on Dry Creek from Wyoming Highway 220 in the area of the Circle Bar Ranch.

When the sergeant arrived, Bower was partially buried in a snow drift. The shivering Bower got into the sergeant's vehicle, removed his wet boots and jacket, and the sergeant asked him medical conditions. Bower was alert and responded appropriately.

By the time the sergeant returned to Wyoming 220, Bower was no longer shivering and asked to be taken home in Evansville and not to a hospital for treatment.

The second incident happened early Friday evening

Two deputies responded to a call to Waltman for a report about a search and rescue about Eric Smith, according to an incident report.

Smith was driving on Dry Creek Road, drove over a snow drift, realized he couldn't proceed, turned around and tried to drive through the drift.

He was digging through the drift when the deputies arrived.

The deputies helped him dig and pulled his vehicle through the drift, and escorted him to Casper.