There's a new app out called "Safe Trek" and it may just be one of the smartest things you can get on your phone, it could potentially be a life saver.Safe Trek is an app you can get through iTunes or Google Play, I downloaded it on my phone

Here's what the app looks like:

Screenshot of my phone/Melissa Awesome KISS FM

What the app does is when you first open it you create a pin code, just a simple 4-digit code that is easy for you to remember.  When you're walking or somewhere that you just don't feel safe you hold down this button and this app tracks you through the GPS on your phone, and once you're in a safe place you release the button and type in your pin code.  If your pin never gets entered the app immediately alerts authorities that something has happened and it uses the GPS on your phone to tell authorities your location.

Screenshot from my phone/Melissa Awesome

I just feel this app could be useful especially if you are somewhere walking to your car at night, leaving a bar or anything like that.  Just thought I'd share this cool app with you! :)